Welcome to “North River, New York Sailing,” a blog which celebrates sailing in the Hudson River (aka., The North River) and New  York Harbor.

The contents of this blog and the links offered are presented to provide both historical and current information to spread the enjoyment of the waterways and waterfront of New York and New Jersey, along the Hudson River and the New York Harbor.  The purpose of this blog is for entertainment and pleasure purposes, only.

I have been sailing on the Hudson River, as a pleasure sailor, race crew, basic sailing instructor, and sailboat charter captain for about 20 years.  Over the course of time, I have acquired knowledge of sailing on the waterway and information related to the waterways and waterfront, some of it important and some of it trivial.  I have learned a lot of this knowledge from the benefit of my fellow sailors and history buffs, as well as a lot of reading.  As such, I have created this blog to further share information, as it has been shared with me, and to have you enhance my knowledge through your suggestions.

Click “Earth Cam, New York Harbor” to see live view of New York Harbor


Thank you for your interest and support.

David Polakoff


Earth Cam, New York Harbor


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Posted February 12, 2011 by David Polakoff