Ferries and Fireboats


The Binghamton

Ferryboat Binghamton (1905) docked at the former Holland America Line pier in Hoboken in August 1968 following withdrawal of E-L ferry service.
Photo Source: http://worldshipny.com/elferry.shtml

Ferryboat BINGHAMTON as a restaurant on the Hudson at Edgewater, New Jersey. August 1981.
Photo Source: http://worldshipny.com/elferry.shtml


Retired New York City fireboat, “John J. Harvey.”

Coast Guards on Jet Propelled Fire Boats in New York Harbor, 1945. These fire boats were propelled by water pumped below the hull, providing an endless supply of water.
(Credit: U.S. Navy via the New-York Historical Society)
Photo Source: http://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/remembering-new-york-city-during-world-war-ii-in-photos.html

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